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Over 100 e-Textbooks | 35 Subject Based eLesson Notes Customized for the School | 15 years Question Bank for WAEC | 10 Years Question Bank for JAMB | 10 Years Question for NECO (Junior SCE) in 20 Subjects combined | 50 EduGames Pre-installed | Social Media Timeout Features | Customize School App

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About SuccessTab

SuccessTAB delivers digital learning, contains volumes of pre-installed educational contents and most importantly its 100% World Class. Runs on Andriod Powered by Google and Developed by Chronicles


SuccessTab comes with a 10.1 screen size and a Processor of RK3188 Quad-Core



The device has a memory of 1GB capacity, DDR Storage of 32GB expanded up to 128GB and a battery life of 8-9hours (6500mAh)



It's built on Android OS, has a Camera with 0.3M+2.0M (front and rare respectively) and IPS panel. It also comes in gold, black, silver and blue colors.



Everything that we know about our reality comes by way of our senses. In other words, our entire experience of reality is simply.

Online Classroom

Rich collaborative learning experience within and outside the classroom.

Digital Library

Over 20 subject based e-textbooks & 100 standard electronic lessons in ebook format..

Social Connect

Regularly keep students connected, collaborate on projects, share knowledge and socialize.

Parental Control

The device helps to ensure that your child's future is secured through the parental control feature.

Productivity Apps

For seamless productivity, Apps in this section consists of all apps installed by users/students and is being monitored

Edu Games

Games in many way helps in memory development, SuccessTAB has an array of innovative and creative games.

Why Successtab

SuccessTAB delivers digital learning, contains volumes of pre-installed educational contents and most importantly its 100% World Class.

Increase In Use Of Tablets

70% of schools in the UK use tablets; 49% of those schools not currently using Tablets are considering introducing them.

Minimum Cost For Maximum Value

Successtab offers volumes of digital library that aligns with curriculum and this saves you the cost of buying several textbooks.

Additonal Value - Successbox

The Tablet comes with an additional library of WAEC and JAMB past questions and answers.

Frequently Asked Question

Here are some frequently asked questions about SuccessTab. Send us a mail or call us for more enquiry.

What is SuccessTab?

Successtab is a digital learning device for students and staff.

How does it Work?

It contains volumes of digital library and resources aligned to the curriculum for staff and students.

How Can I get it?

You can get it by ordering on our website, slot.ng or any slot store.

Do I get support when issues arises?

We have a technical support team that attend and solves issues that arises. Call: 08094001274 for support.

Who uses successtab?

Secondary school students and staff are eligible to use succestab

Are there other products?

We have successbox online and other smaller tabs for younger children.

Success comes naturally to us!

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